The Best Reusable Water Bottle

A few posts ago, I mentioned that the Insulated Widemouth Kleen Kanteen is my favorite reusable water bottle. I thought it was important to let you know why, as this is not just a matter of preference but also an issue of safety for myself and my growing family.

Help Needed: Baby Registry

Ok moms I need your help. I’m building our baby registry and there are so many baby things out there, I just don’t know what we really need. Please comment and let me know the #1 thing you could not have lived without in the first 6 months after your baby arrived. Thanks in advance!

A 4 AM Visit from Five Fire Breathing Dragons

Pregnancy leg camps

So there I was, enjoying an all to rare good night of sleep when I suddenly awoke in desperate pain! It felt like five fire-breathing dragons were focusing all their wrath on my right calf. I must have shrieked or yelped in pain because my amazing husband was suddenly rubbing my calf. That’s right, he…

Scary Pregnancy Day, Oh My!

Yesterday was a pretty scary day for me, not a story for the queasy. It started out as many days before – since I’ve been pregnant – with me making a beeline downstairs to make something to eat as soon as I woke up to fend off the coming nausea. I started to make my…

Get that baby kicking!

I am 21 weeks pregnant and finally over the constant nausea! Last night we went to our mid-pregnancy class at Kaiser. All the women there were between 19 and 22 weeks but I couldn’t believe how differently each of us is carrying. There were tiny waifs that didn’t even look pregnant, fit girls who I…