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Avoid Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Part 2

A few months ago, I wrote about some natural ways to avoid pregnancy stretch marks by making a natural stretch mark ointment. I also wrote about my love for Burt’s Bees Mama Bee cream as a back up for non shower days or when you are in the mood for something that is less greasy. Check out that post here to get the recipe for the DIY Natural Stretch Mark Cream. I wanted to update you with my progress and add a few new tips to help combat pregnancy stretch marks.

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant! As of yet, I have no visible stretch marks!! I say visible because I am fully aware that some may not be seen until I have the baby and my skin is less stretched out. Regardless I have high hopes that I at least have no visible marks yet. I have friends who could clearly see their stretch marks while pregnant!

The Product Routine

In the morning, I apply a stretch mark balm to my breasts, belly, lower back and sides, butt and thighs after showering. I used the DIY balm that I made for the first 6 months. When the third jar ran out, I didn’t have time to make more. So I recommend increasing the recipe to make a few more jars. Probably would be best double it. When I ran out I tried a succession of other products which I will share and review below.

I also apply lotion to my entire body and even apply over the areas where I applied the balm. I’ve been using Gold Bond Restoring Lotion with CoQ10 for quite a while now. It is not as natural a product or sustainable a company as I would like but it is affordable and has been working very well for me. I have it on subscribe and save from CVS and it comes regularly and saves me money on every order.

On mornings that I don’t shower – I’ll admit here that I’m an every other day shower person unless I work out. Call it eco-friendly or just lazy 🙂 – I apply the Burt’s Mama Bee cream mentioned above to the same areas as the belly balm on shower days and follow with lotion on my entire body.

At night, I try to remember to apply lotion or belly cream to my target areas to work towards avoiding those stretch marks!

The Intake Routine

Another piece of my anti-stretch mark routine is a protein shake with Great Lakes Gelatin, which fits in nicely with my pregnancy work out schedule and my pregnancy need to consume food to avoid morning sickness. You can find the recipe for my pregnancy shake to avoid stretch marks and nausea at this link.

The Great Lakes Gelatin is made of Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein. It is the same Collagen found naturally in bones skin and cartilage. It is easily assimilated  by the body and helps to repair connective tissue (bone, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, hair and nails). In other words it is great for helping skin refresh and repair to avoid stretch marks.

New Products

These are the two new products that I tried after my DIY balm ran out. Since the craziness of my life did not allow me time to make another batch.

Maternal Belly Balm

Honest Belly Balm

I love, love, love the Honest Belly Balm. It is the easiest balm out there to use. It doesn’t get as hard and waxy as the other balms. Since it is Winter that is a huge blessing as the other balms are so thick and hard right now. This comes into your hand easily and does not need to be warmed up to rub in. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a thick residue.

The Maternal Belly Balm was tough to get out, especially in this cold weather. I had to grab a chunk and rub it between my palms to soften it up enough to apply to my body. This caused it to take more time to apply and wasted more product. Once on, I felt like their was a greasy residue on my skin. Often, if I were wearing dark clothes, I could see a mark of residue on the inside. Ick!

In summary, It’s all about the Honest Belly Balm, The Burt’s Bees Mama Bee and the DIY Balm.

What have you used to avoid stretch marks? Has it been successful? Are there other products out there that I must try? Let me know!

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