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Will Your Baby Be Delivered on Due Date?

It’s official, I’m a mom! Not to a fur baby like before but to a beautiful, real-life, baby girl! Despite all the odds my baby was delivered on her due date! What are the odds that baby is delivered on due date? Not great! According to studies, babies are born on their due dates just 4-5% of the time. That is about 1 in 25 babies.

The Average First Pregnancy is 41 Weeks and 3 Days

As a first time mom, I was positive that my baby girl would arrive late. Studies show that most babies of first time mom’s arrive late and that the average first pregnancy is 41 weeks and 3 days. My father was positive that baby girl would not arrive until the second week of January. He’s a Doctor so give him some credit :). But also I was a month late and many women have a similar first pregnancy term as their mother had when pregnant with them. Our due date was the 30th of December. The doctor told us she was 5 lbs. at the last visit. I was positive that she needed more time to grow and develop before arriving and she would not be delivered on due date.

Christmas Baby Jitters

Due to the time of year, we were petrified that we would have a Christmas baby. In fact when we were trying to get pregnant, we purposefully decided to stop trying 9ish months before Christmas so that we would not have a Christmas baby. Of course, the world wanted me to be sure that I understood I can’t plan or control everything. So we got pregnant with a baby perfectly timed for the holiday season.

The excitement of our first baby quickly made the time of year irrelevant. However we continued to wish that our baby not come on Christmas Eve or Christmas. As Christmas eve arrived, we held our breath. We didn’t release it until the day after Christmas with a big sigh of relief. At that point, I resumed my regular (for pregnancy) yoga workouts and long walks with the dog and continued to try to cut down my “to-do before baby” list. I did not get very far!

My Biggest Mistake

As I mentioned, I was positive baby girl would be late and not be delivered by due date so I continued to ignore everyone’s advice about taking naps, opting instead to get exercise and take care of my to-do list. Oh what a mistake! Ladies, when people tell you to take naps toward the end of your pregnancy, do your best to ignore your nesting urges and renewed energy and take a freaking nap! If your labor & delivery experience is anything like mine, I promise you that you will be grateful you did.

How many of you delivered on due date? First time moms were you early, late? Tell me about your pregnancy!

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