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Baby’s First Six Months: Top 20 Essential New Baby Products

I asked about Baby’s First Six Months: Essential Baby Products

As a first time mom, I was clueless as to what I absolutely needed to get through the first 6 months with baby. I knew I’d need diapers and clothes but how many? and what else!? So I turned to the experts. A few month’s ago when I was creating my baby registry, I posted and asked all you moms out there what were the essential baby products to get through the first six months with baby. You are the experts and I wanted to get your advice! Here is that post if you are interested. I then made sure that these items were on my baby registry and that I had them in hand by the time baby arrived.

There are so many lists out there that name millions of things that you “need” for a new baby. We do not have a vast fortune to spend on purchasing every “must have item”. So I just wanted to know what were the few essential baby products I could not live without.

Moms Responded

Thank you moms for your responses, you are all life savers! The responses were pretty consistent. Their were 20 items (beyond the obvious clothes) that were recommended as must have essential products for baby’s first six months. I have listed them below. I linked to the brand if a specific brand was recommended. If no brand was specified, then I linked to the one I chose and will be reviewing. I use 100% organic cotton and natural products whenever possible so I substituted Burt’s Bees Diaper Rash Cream for the recommended Desitin.

The Top 20 List of Essential Baby Products for the First Six Months:

1. Diaper Delivery (Subscribe and save on Amazon or Honest Diaper delivery are good delivery service
s. If you are going cloth, check these guys out)

2. Ergo Baby Carrier

3. Hylands Teething Tablets

4. Pure Baby Bottles

5. Diaper Bag

6. Hoodie Baby Towel

7. Rock n’ Play

8. Nursing Tanks

9. Nursing Bras

10. Basic Comfort Ultimate Crib Sheet

11. Nursing Pads

12. Bottle Brush

13. Diaper Rash Cream

14. Boppy

15. Wipes

16. Swing

17. Burp Clothes

18. Jogging Stroller

19. Infant Car Seat

20. Extra Infant Car Seat Base – easily take either car!

*Some of the product links are affiliate links. This means that the price to you is exactly the same if you purchase a product but by using that link will help to support my family and I as Little HoneyBee Natural Living will receive a small commission. Thank you so much for your support, it is greatly appreciated!

The Mission

Here we are two weeks from my due date! I have purchased or received all of these essential baby products. The plan is to use them in the first six months. Once that time has passed, I will review each item to help new moms decide what must have items to put on their baby registry. If I end up using any other items that are essential, I will be sure to spread the word!

More Essential Baby Products?

Did we miss anything the first time around? Please comment below about other must have baby items for the first six months that I should run to the store to purchase NOW!

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