DIY First Anniversary Paper Gift Idea

Paper Anniversary Gift

Paper is the long-held tradition for a one year wedding anniversary gift. My husband and I decided to stay true to tradition so I needed to come up with a paper anniversary gift. I wanted to do something that represented us and our relationship. I also wanted it to be a fairly easy do-it-yourself project because I am craft and creativity deficient.

This is what I came up with, I used maps of where we met, married, got engaged and honeymooned and framed them. Using a heart around the specific location on the map where the event took place.


I searched the internet for ideas and liked the idea of maps that were representative of our travels and important relationship milestones in a picture frame, like this one at Peanut Butter Fingers. However I also knew I would struggle with the heart shapes so I decided to do a variation that I felt confident I could accomplish, despite my lack of coordination and artistic ability.

These are all the materials I used:


I bought most of the materials at my local craft store. I love the frame, it was the only one I saw like this and I searched a lot! Finally found it at Michael’s. You’ll see there are silver and burlap stickers in the picture. I couldn’t decide which to use until the last minute. I went with the burlap as it fit better in the frame and seemed to represent our tropical locations more aptly. Here’s a link to those stickers if you like them!

Steps in Hopes of Perfection:

First I used a 4 x 6 photo to outline in pencil the area of the map that I wanted to cut out.


Second I used measuring tape to make sure the dimensions were correct and the area of the map I wanted was centered.


Then I cut out the map along the pencil lines. I went over the edges gently with an eraser to remove any remaining pencil that I had not cut off.

Next I put hearts around the specific spots on the map where we had met, married, engaged and honeymooned.










The second to last step was to add the maps into the frame.

Last, but certainly not least, I added the stickers between the pictures .

img_3542 img_3542a img_3542b

Paper Anniversary Gift Revealed

My husband loved it! And what do you know but he had a very similar paper anniversary gift for me. Check out the picture below. Turns out he has no problem making hearts. At least one of us is not craft deficient.


I hope you liked this post. Please comment below and tell me what you did for your one year anniversary gift. I’d love to hear about other crafty ideas.

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Paper Anniversary Gift

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