Get that baby kicking!

I am 21 weeks pregnant and finally over the constant nausea! Last night we went to our mid-pregnancy class at Kaiser. All the women there were between 19 and 22 weeks but I couldn’t believe how differently each of us is carrying. There were tiny waifs that didn’t even look pregnant, fit girls who I can only applaud for looking so fantastic and all other shapes and sizes. Seeing how different each women looks in pregnancy definitely made me feel better as I’ve been feeling like a lazy whale. Being sick for the first 19 weeks… definitely put a damper on my exercise routine and, due to the fact that starchy food is one of the few things that has helped the nausea, I have definitely gained more than I expected at this point.
But I digress, the thing that really stood out to me about this class, and one thing I was concerned about going into it, was that my friends have been asking and all my pregnancy apps and books have all said, that I should be feeling the baby moving. I had felt her a few times after the 18 week ultrasound and then nothing! I was feeling sad and scared and that became worse as almost every lady in the room last night talked about feeling the baby move….some even felt hiccups!
The teacher recommended eating something sugary or full of protein and then sitting down and waiting. The good food kick apparently gets the baby moving. So as soon as we got home from class, I ate a chocolate chip cookie (yum, it was from Whole Foods which I know does not make it healthy but at least I know it had well sourced organic ingredients). Oh and can we talk about sugar cravings? I’ve never craved sugar until this pregnancy and now I want it all the time! Are the old wives tales true about craving sugar = girl baby? That’s a topic for a different day.
Back to my story: I ate my delicious chocolate chip cookie from the Whole Foods bakery and sat down on the couch with my husband. We sat in silence, no TV, no music and waited. He put his hand on one side of my belly and mine on the other side. It worked! Before long we felt strong kicks. Real, undeniable kicks. It was amazing and beautiful and by far the best part of my pregnancy so far!

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