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It’s a Girl…

It's a girl

We’re having a baby!

When I found out my wife and I were going to have a baby I was crazy excited. Well, that was my first emotion – excitement. My second emotion was – oh crap what if it’s a girl!!!

Can I just pause here for a moment to talk about everyone including my Mom coming out of the woodwork to say what they think/hope the sex of our baby would be…drove me nuts. Having to hear things like “I am sensing a girl” or “she (my wife) looks like she’s carrying a girl (despite the fact that she was not yet showing)” was like nails down a chalkboard for me. I would walk away, cross my fingers and hope beyond hope that my wife was baking a male bun in her oven.


That’s definitely a girl!

Fast forward to week 19 of our pregnancy and my wife on the table, tiny baby bump exposed and lubed up, nurse looking for that perfect toilet seat pose to determine the sex of our baby and what does she say: “oh there is nothing there, that’s definitely a girl!”. Holy crap, my initial fears, now a reality. It’s impossible! I work out…at a gym, I drink protein shakes, I love beer, football, fast cars, big trucks, camping and video games. How on Earth can I have a girl?

Well it’s not only happening, but it’s totally possible. Don’t get me wrong…I love women (especially my wife) and fully support equality…I just think I would be better at teaching a child how to throw a football than how to properly set the table for a tea party (yes, yes I know those are pre-conceived, sexist notions about gender identification but you know you get my point). I hope you follow along as I try to strike a balance between beer, tiaras, football and princesses. Girl POWER!!

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It's a girl

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