Pregnancy Week 37: What’s New this Week

Here I am in pregnancy week 37. What’s new this week? I finally don’t feel nauseous every morning, I now know for sure the baby’s position and my patience with well intentioned but repetitive people has still not run dry! I’m nine months in to being asked the same three questions a zillion times per day 1) when are you due? 2) Do you know what your having? 3) Do you have a name?

37 weeks in to patiently responding 1) December 30, 2) We’re having a girl, 3) We have two picked out and we’re going to decide when we meet her. If the response to question 3 leads to a follow-up question of “what are they?” because someone missed your subtle hint that you were not going to tell them. Feel free to mentally punch them in the face while smiling and politely saying “we’re not telling”. Full disclosure we have told some of our closest family and friends but it got overwhelming so we’ve stopped telling anyone new.

My kaiser weekly pregnancy email this week says that the baby is the size of bunch of swiss chard. I’m betting she’s rainbow chard 🙂 It also said that she weighs over 6 lbs. However my Dr. said she is closer to 4.5/5 lbs based on measurement. The email also says that she may have a full head of hair and she is actively breathing amniotic fluid in and out and she is sucking her thumb and blinking. How exciting!

The best news of all is that she is considered full term now so if I went into labor at this point, we would have a healthy baby! Of course let’s not get ahead of ourselves…I’m pretty sure baby girl, my husband and I all need a few more prep/development weeks. After all my to do list before baby arrives is ever-growing and never-shrinking. Hopefully I’ll be able to make an impact on that list this week!

Little known fact?

My “What to Expect when You’re Expecting” book stated that the baby is already crying inside me. Crazy to think about but it makes perfect sense since it is one of baby’s most developed abilities upon arrival. Apparently researchers have noted signs of crying such as quivering chin and deep inhalations and exhalations.

Doctor Check-up – Week 37/Week 36

My pregnancy week 37 check-up was actually my week 36 check-up as we were scheduled a day late for week 36. As such I had the exciting week 36 check-up.

Why is this check-up so exciting?

At Kaiser this is when they  do another ultrasound and finally tell you what position your baby is facing with the anticipation that since there is less room for her to move, she will most likely stay in that position for labor. I really really really want to have a natural birth and Kaiser will not allow you to attempt a natural birth if baby is in the breach position (head up). I was really nervous about this appointment as she had been breach last time we had checked. The great news is she is head down and in position! She has not dropped yet (lightening) so I can anticipate that it will likely be a few more weeks!

At this check-up they also check your urine per usual and the baby’s heartbeat (130!). My doctor also ordered a blood test because I had presented as anemic in the last round of blood draws and have been taking iron supplements since then to try and raise my blood count levels. The bad news is I am still anemic, the good news is my blood count has risen so I’m showing improvement. Time to indulge in more iron rich foods and never forget my supplement! They also perform a Group B Strep Test at the pregnancy week 37 (usually 36) check up.

Group B Strep Test

At this appointment my doctor also took a Group B Strep Test which they do by swabbing you on the exterior down below. My doctor said that about 50% of woman test positive for Group B Strep and that it just means the mom needs to be given antibiotics via IV during labor to prevent transmission to the baby. Read more about Group B Strep.

Week 38 Here I come

All in all this was a really exciting check-up that I had been anxiously awaiting. I feel so much better now that I know my little girl is in a good position and not measuring large. I’m a petite 4’11” so I’m hoping for a proportionately small baby at delivery! Now I just need to focus on getting my to do list tackled. The number one recommendation I have received is making food to freeze in advance so my husband and I can eat home cooked meals during the craziness of the first few weeks. I am open to suggestions for easy to freeze pre-prepped meals!

How did you prepare in your 37th week? What meals did you pre-make? Please share your recipes! I, and many others, would greatly appreciate it.

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