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Battle of the Reusable Water Bottles

A battle of reusable water bottles: Kleen Kanteen vs Hydro Flask to determine which keeps water cooler for longer. You may be surprised by the winner!

It’s time for the challenge! The two top competitors in my hydration team go head to head to determine the king of hydration (at least for my household). So I have stated that the Insulated Widemouth 20oz Kleen Kanteen is my favorite reusable water bottle. My other favorite is the 21 oz Hydro Flask Standard Mouth. I put these two face to face in a keeping water cool competition, check it out!

Step 1: Fill both bottles with 6 ice cubes filling the rest of the container with water.

IMG_0014 IMG_0013

Step 2: check temperature to ensure that the starting temp was equal at 70.8 degrees…thus making for a fair competition

IMG_0010 IMG_0011

Step 3: Close the containers and leave sitting under indirect sunlight for 6 hours in the summer heat.

Step 4: Remove lid and reveal the results by checking the temperature…..cue the suspenseful background music

Step 5: And the winner is….

IMG_0015 IMG_0016

The Kleen Kanteen Insulated Widemouth 20 oz! After sitting for 6 hours with 6 ice cubes in the same environment, the Kleen Kanteen was at 46 degrees of delicious cold water. The Hydro Flask still served up a frosty drink but at 48.6 degrees it did not maintain the same low temperature as the Kleen Kanteen.

One of the main reasons that I prefer the Kleen Kanteen is the widemouth. It is much easier to clean the kanteen with the widemouth than it is with the standard mouth. So if you are wondering if wide or standard is better, I would definitely recommend widemouth.

My only complaint about the widemouth is the that the cap tends to drip a bit more than the standard mouth because the widemouth lid screws on the outside instead of the inside. This means water can collect in the lid, there is no room to do so on the interior threaded standard mouth. That being said, the new model – which is the one linked in this post – boasts a leak proof cafe cap 2.0 so they may have solved this problem. Furthermore it is important to point out that I have not tried the Hydro Flask Widemouth to determine if their model has the same small nuisance.

A few other items to compare and point out:

Color & Variety: they both have really cool fun colors so I think they are equal on versatility of expression points.

Look and Feel: they have very different finishes. The Kleen Kanteen has the polished stainless look and feel. The Hydro Flask is a little textured for a more rugged look, in my opinion. Personally, I prefer the Kleen Kanteen smooth look. However the slight texture to the Hydro Flask does improve grip on the container.

So there you have it…do you agree? What did I miss? Is there another bottle out there that I need to know about? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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