Scary Pregnancy Day, Oh My!

Yesterday was a pretty scary day for me, not a story for the queasy. It started out as many days before – since I’ve been pregnant – with me making a beeline downstairs to make something to eat as soon as I woke up to fend off the coming nausea. I started to make my delicious morning smoothie using acai super fruit smoothie packs, banana and strawberry with Vega Protein and Greens Powder and Great Lakes Gelatin but before I could finish and enjoy the smoothie… I got that all to familiar urgency to run to the bathroom to vomit. Unfortunately, there was some unexpected blood in my vomit that made me concerned. I felt fine afterwards and proceeded to drink my smoothie but decided to email my Dr. about the blood, just in case.
My email was along the lines of “just verifying there is nothing to worry about” as I was totally convinced that everything was fine. I left for work and went about my day. A few hours later I got a response from the Dr. that totally freaked me out. She said that Kaiser recommends going to the ER if there is more than a pinpoint of blood in your vomit. I responded, totally shocked and confused, trying to understand the definition of a pinpoint of blood. If it was literally a little dot then I had way more, but I had not thought it was enough to be alarmed. The Dr. qualified her statement and said if it was 1/2 teaspoon or more then I should go to the ER.
Now this was 6 hours later and I did not remember exactly how much blood there had been! Ever price conscious, I wanted to avoid the ER, if possible, so I called my Dad ( a doctor) who stated that if I didn’t feel dizziness or pains, I should not go to the ER but instead take a homeopathic remedy and monitor my symptoms. Of course, by this point I had freaked myself out enough that I was feeling pain! So I called the Nurse Advice Line to see if they had urgent care so I could soothe my anxiety by seeing someone but not pay the ER fees.
Long story short, they determined that if anything was wrong, it was not baby related. Both my Dad and Kaiser recommended that I rest for the remainder of the day, monitor my symptoms and go to the ER if I continued to vomit blood or felt pain or dizziness. Lunch and small nap took away the pain I was feeling and I never felt dizziness or had another run-in with nausea. Phew, crisis averted! Lesson learned, blood in vomit is nothing to shrug off.

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